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Send us a message, or call us for a quote. Use our contact form to tell us more about your project, and we will connect you with the services to fit your needs.


Located in Campbell, California.

Improve Your Businesses Efficiency and Profitability

Many business owners and managers rely on their dedicated and friendly staff to provide guests with an unforgettable experience. With an intuitive point of sale system your waitstaff will be able to focus more attention on your guests than on managing confusing POS systems and orders. We partner with two industry-leading manufacturers that provide a wide array of features and are the top choice for organizations all throughout the US. Contact us today to get started.

Point of Sale Systems in San Jose, CA

What Are the Benefits of Our POS System?

They allow you to run your entire restaurant/business with a single touch screen app. When you choose Surveillance Audio Video to help solidify your POS system, we will take the time to understand your needs and recommend a system that suits your business. Once installation is complete, we will answer any question you have about your system and provide helpful resources for you and your staff so you can leverage all of its valuable features for the benefit of your employees and business.

Manage Multiple Locations

Whether you manage a single location or a local chain, both of our industry-leading POS systems provide managers and staff with the same insightful information throughout all locations.

Training Mode

Now more than ever, it’s crucial your staff feel empowered with the technology to make their jobs easier. The training mode allows them to utilize the existing system to master your menu.

Software Integration

Our POS Systems integrate with some of the most popular business software, including Resy, GrubHub, 7Shifts, to provide better service and convenience for your employees and customers.


Whether you need a single terminal, model tablet, or more, we can ensure you have everything you need to run your business smoothly and efficiently.


With intuitive and insightful analytics, you can feel confident in making the right decisions to help your business grow.

Schedule Your Demo Today

With the right software at your fingertips, you can ensure that your business continues to thrive. If you’re still using a cumbersome legacy POS system, Surveillance Audio Video can show and recommend one of our two industry-leading manufacturers and provide more intuitive modern technology to help expedite wait times leading to higher revenue and more satisfied customers. Contact the experts at Surveillance Audio Video today to get started.

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